We offer a range of courses from introduction to sewing, to advanced sewing. We also offer tailor made sessions to meet your needs and fulfil your sewing aspirations, from learning how to thread a sewing machine to making a complete garment.

If you are an experienced seamstress and want to use a well-equipped sewing room with advice at hand, hourly sessions are also available.

Available Courses

Introduction to Sewing

·     How to thread and use a sewing machine.

·         What are the correct needles to use?

·         How to wind a bobbin.

·         How to use sewing tools.

·         How to sew a straight line.

·         How to create decorative stitching.

·          How to press a seam.

This course is for those who would like to learn how to use a domestic sewing machine.

This will be a 2 hour course with a 15 minute tea break (tea/coffee supplied).

Cost: £25.00 (includes materials).

How to Use an Over-Locking Machine

·         How to thread an over-locking machine.

·         How to stitch with an over-locking machine.

·         How to make a hem with the over-locker.

·         How to make a detailed edge with an over-locker.

·         How to make a decorative detail with an over locker.

This session is for the complete beginner.

This is an hour and a half session (materials are supplied).

Cost: £20.00  

Make Do and Mend- Learn How to Shorten Trousers/Skirts/Dresses

·         How to fit your garment.

·         How to shorten plain trousers.

·         How to shorten a plain skirt/dress.

·         How to shorten jeans.

·         How to shorten turn-ups on trousers.

This is for the beginner with some knowledge of sewing.

(Bring a garment with you to alter).

This is a 1 hour session (if you have a couple of garments you can book a 2 hour session if available).

Cost £15.00 per hour (tea/coffee supplied if booking a 2 hour session).

Advanced  Sewing

  • For people with a good knowledge of sewing machines and equipment.
  • You tell us what you want to learn or improve and we will cater the session to you.

Session length is flexible (upon arrangement with The Fitting Room's Tutors)

Cost: £15.00 per hour